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New to essential oils? This is where to learn the basics.

Oil Camp is a FREE course designed for new oil users. This self-paced training walks you through essential oil basics. Each module is intended to highlight a common essential oil, resources, recipes and DIYs. A perfect beginners course.

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Kacie Vaudrey
Kacie Vaudrey

About the instructor

Kacie Vaudrey, a doTERRA Double Diamond, and CEO of Peaceful Heart Leadership has one mission: to help as many people as possible discover the power of essential oils while creating a freedom lifestyle.

Kacie believes together we can start a healthcare revolution and create a lifestyle full of passion and purpose.

As a former college professor, Kacie takes her obligation to share and teach the benefits of essential oils seriously. Kacie firmly believes you can have a business that aligns with your personal goals because she is living that dream every day. She spends time with her husband and six kids, living and loving her crazy life while making a fabulous income in the process.

Kacie and her husband Mike have been recognized in doTERRA’s Leadership Magazine. She has been sought out as a lifestyle strategist helping others build the lifestyle and financial freedom they deserve. If you’ve been looking for a way to find that financial freedom while working with a company that is passionate about your success, you’ve come to the right place.

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