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It’s tough to know if you can count on anything these days:

your job . . . your healthcare . . . the education system . . . our leaders. And on top of all that, we have limited interaction with adults to keep us sane

That’s why I created this 4-part workshop series to share how women can:

✔ Help themselves and others live a natural and safe lifestyle

✔ Supplement their income by working from home without making a major investment

✔ Create a flexible work schedule with regular social interaction

​✔ Devote more time to care for family who needs their attention

​✔ Develop their true purpose and passion without the “hustle and grind”

What others are saying…

“Kacie Vaudrey is one of the most caring, compassionate, and intelligent women I know. She’s a visionary who, once inspired, commits and takes action. She is surely someone you want to surround yourself with if your path is to grow.”

Hayley Hobson, Health & Life Coach

“In the time I worked with Kacie Vaudrey, I witnessed her immense passion for others . . . it’s palatable! She embodies a level of authenticity and vulnerability that’s truly a breath of fresh air.”

Brittany Bayley, Founder and CEO of Email Copy School

“In a world where feeling unworthy is probably the number one problem for women, Kacie Vaudrey makes them feel worthy. Whenever I need a boost or encouragement, Kacie is always there. Believing in me. Pushing me. Helping me formulate new ideas. Telling me I can be greater than I am. I’m so lucky to have Kacie in my life and business.”

Megan Winfrey, CEO of Essentially Oils and Share the Love

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